Wednesday May 23rd

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Benefits include:

* Calm the nervous system
* Cultivate ease and inner tranquility
* Release fears and attachments
* Energy that is normally burned up by mental activity can be harnessed to begin healing the body

Yoga Nidra has been called "mindfulness on steroids." You are coached into deeper stages of relaxation, bypassing the mental chatter. We give the mind little jobs of listening and focusing and directing attention, therefore slipping into a non-doing, effortless state.

What happens during Yoga Nidra?

* Participants lie down on a soft surface of mats and blankets. You'll be encouraged to get really comfortable while remaining awake.
* Guest instructor Rebecca will guide your attention inward to the breath and the body. Here we let go of doing and focus on the experience of the present moment.
* At the end of the session, your attention will be guided back to your body and your breath, gently awakening and proceeding with your day.

About Rebecca:
My yoga journey started with a book on meditation which recommended gentle yoga as part of a daily mindfulness practice. I found the mindfulness principles and sitting meditation useful for calming anxiety, stress, and self-judgment.
I began to practice gentle yoga and yin yoga and discovered that yoga was like medicine. The physical postures release tension, clear out atrophy, and open up spaciousness in the tissues of the body. Yoga brings me a sense of well-being and ease.
I received my Yoga Nidra training from Kamini Desai at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and fell in love with this wonderful modality. It's my pleasure to guide Yoga Nidra as often as possible.

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Tom U

Henderly's student for 2 years
"My wife and i had never tried yoga before we signed up for Henderly's class 2 years ago, we liked it so much that we have been in her class continuously since. We currently attend both the Tuesday yoga basics and the Thursday fusion classes. The Tuesday class is yoga poses, the Thursday class adds some aerobics, some strength training, and whatever either Henderly picks or the class asks for, it is usually a pretty good workout that targets a particular body part. Henderly is exactly what I expect in a good yoga teacher, she clearly demonstrates the poses, evaluates and corrects each student, and has the calm, cheerful and competent demeanor i expect from a excellent yoga teacher. Classes have a wide range of ages and fitness levels."


"I have begun taking Restorative Yoga by Henderly offered at the Civic Building. I have really benefitted from what I have learned. The restorative poses release and stretch muscles and feel wonderful. I really appreciate and enjoy this class. She is a great teacher."


"I'm feeling great after Restorative Yoga and a good night's rest!"