Tuesday May 31st - Tuesday October 25th

One Time Only

Yoga for PTS is specially designed to help people find relief, stability and an internal sense of balance. Whether you are a veteran, first responder, victim or witness of a traumatic event, yoga can help foster a sense of wellness and peace of mind. Instructors are certified in Yoga for PTS and have received training to assist and aid in recovery.

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Center Pointe

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"I have begun taking Restorative Yoga by Henderly offered at the Civic Building. I have really benefitted from what I have learned. The restorative poses release and stretch muscles and feel wonderful. I really appreciate and enjoy this class. She is a great teacher."

Alicia Valentyn

Being Present
" Thank you Henderly for bringing your passion of Yoga & Health to the community. I am blessed to know you. Each time I am in your presence you help me to connect to my authentic self. I just Love your enthusiasm for life & Yoga. Your attention to alignment, in your classes, is very comforting. Namaste. Alicia "

Diana Rosen

yoga student
"I love the outdoor Yoga. The class was great."


"Right up my alley. It suits my needs. I'm simply looking for easy workouts initially to soothe body woes that come with an active lifestyle and the Yoga Basic classes are spot on. "