Thursday July 14th

One Time Only

Come join us for a free, in-depth discussion and demo on the fundamentals of permaculture design. Our special guest speaker is a certified permaculture designer and will share many of his insights and outlooks on permaculture in both urban and rural areas. With demos and displays, this will one you won't want to miss.

Jake Reed is a survivalist and permaculture designer, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and got his permaculture design certificate from the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia in 2013 from Geoff Lawton, the premier permaculture instructor in the world. Permaculture is an ethics focused design science for meeting human needs in a sustainable/regenerative manner. Its techniques are used across the world from the most wealthy countries to the least developed and impoverished. Permaculture techniques can be used on as small a scale as an apartment balcony all the way to the broad rural acres. Permaculture is about systems thinking and many of the principles can be applied to business and life outside the garden.

Come join us for 2 hours of education and fun.

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"I'm feeling great after Restorative Yoga and a good night's rest!"

Alicia Valentyn

Being Present
" Thank you Henderly for bringing your passion of Yoga & Health to the community. I am blessed to know you. Each time I am in your presence you help me to connect to my authentic self. I just Love your enthusiasm for life & Yoga. Your attention to alignment, in your classes, is very comforting. Namaste. Alicia "

Diana Rosen

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"I love the outdoor Yoga. The class was great."