Saturday February 11th - Sunday February 12th

One Time Only

The Mind Body and Soul Expo offers a great variety of vendors featuring; Nutrition, Bodywork, Crystals, Music, Astrology, Psychic Readings, Aura Imagery, Organics, and Much More!

The Expo is on the following dates

Saturday, February 11 from 10am to 8pm
Sunday, February 12 from 10am to 6pm


Featuring a one-of-a-kind 17′ Copper and Crystal Pyramid! Shiva's Realm-1

Included in The Journey Expo Phoenix will be a one of a kind copper and crystal pyramid. This 17′ tall Pyramid was built at the same slope as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The 3/4 inch copper tubing frame has crystals inside to enhance the high frequency that is already generated by the copper and sacred geometry engineering of the Pyramid. Below the apex is a softball size sphere of amethyst. There is a 12′ chamber inside, we have named “Shiva’s Realm” for attendees to experience not only the energetic qualities of the copper and crystals, but a laser and sound presentation within.

* No Tickets will be Mailed Out *
* No Tickets will be sold on this website *

GO TO to purchase tickets.

Tickets may be picked up at the Expo box office the day of – there will be a sign in the lobby that says “Will Call”


CALL TINA at 623-261-6167 or CLYDE at 440-223-1392 FOR INFORMATION

Admission to the Expo includes all vendor area and all mini lectures.

$10 per day
$15 for a 2 day pass
$5 one day pass with purchase of a workshop
$20 for workshop
$10 or $30 unlimited for Sacred Geometry Light Portal Session
or Merkaba Chamber
$10 Pyramid Session (unlimited)

El Zaribah Shrine

Tom U

Henderly's student for 2 years
"My wife and i had never tried yoga before we signed up for Henderly's class 2 years ago, we liked it so much that we have been in her class continuously since. We currently attend both the Tuesday yoga basics and the Thursday fusion classes. The Tuesday class is yoga poses, the Thursday class adds some aerobics, some strength training, and whatever either Henderly picks or the class asks for, it is usually a pretty good workout that targets a particular body part. Henderly is exactly what I expect in a good yoga teacher, she clearly demonstrates the poses, evaluates and corrects each student, and has the calm, cheerful and competent demeanor i expect from a excellent yoga teacher. Classes have a wide range of ages and fitness levels."


Personal Fitness Instructor
"As a personal fitness instructor, I had a back issue that made some instruction very difficult. Henderly did a ton of research and discovered some clever and unorthodox stretches that hit the exact location of my issue and have resulted in amazing progress that has allowed me to do more in my own business. Her soothing, calming, soft, clear tones as she walks you through the proper technique, focusing on alignment and using props to help modify poses for each student as needed, while she demonstrates the pose without missing a beat, puts each student, myself included, into a safe sense of peace. You go to another world for an hour while she guides you through the physical adventure that is Yoga. I highly recommend Henderly to everyone who wants quality yoga at an amazing price with an amazing instructor who truly cares about each students growth and safety. "

Jessica Gregory

"Fuze Fitness offers comfortable, challenging classes lead by a fantastic instructor. My boyfriend and I went to a Fusion class and absolutely loved it, Lunar yoga was amazing and we can't wait to go again. I walked out each time feeling refreshed, renewed, slimmer and stronger!"


"Right up my alley. It suits my needs. I'm simply looking for easy workouts initially to soothe body woes that come with an active lifestyle and the Yoga Basic classes are spot on. "