Friday December 2nd

One Time Only

Join us at Center Pointe and learn about the health benefits of honey. Did you know it's an antibacterial? Did you know natural honey lasts for ages?

Industry leader, TJ Schuyleman, will go over the facts and answer all your questions. Samples will be provided.

There is no charge for this class.

Center Pointe


"I'm feeling great after Restorative Yoga and a good night's rest!"

Terry Morse

"I have to tell you I have neck and back injuries, but need to loose weight and stretch my muscles, but in a gentle way. I explained my health issues and Henderly watched me through out the class and would tell me to listen to my body. She is a professional instructor that knows what she is doing. I move better now then I have ever did without the use of medication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I'm for every in debited to you. "

Diana Rosen

yoga student
"I love the outdoor Yoga. The class was great."